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Uniform Regulations
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Each Cadet is responsible for correctly wearing the uniform

See Chapter 3, Section 7 for Sea Cadet Uniform Regulations

See Chapter 3, Section 8 for League Cadet Uniform Regulations

Uniform Cleaning and Pressing Guide
Male - Dress Pants (blues or white) - Press inside out creating creases on the SIDES only. When you turn them right side out there are NO CREASES down the FRONT, only side creases going "in-board". 

Female – Dress Pants – Press with creases down the front and back as you would with regular dress pants. Creases go “out-board”.

Male - Dress Jumper (blues or white) - Press front of the jumper with center crease going "out-board" like a point of an arrow. The back of the jumper should be pressed with a center crease going "in-board". 

Remember – Think of a prow of a ship or being shot with an arrow from the back to the front that is how the creases should be pressed.  

Flap of the Jumper - needs 3 creases going "out-board". The center crease should be in the middle of the flap. The other two creases should be equal distance from the center crease.

Neckerchief – Press ONLY with a warm iron or on medium setting with a pressing cloth on top of neckerchief – they are polyester and will easily burn.  

Dixie covers – Soak in a bucket of POWDERED Oxy Clean and ICE water for at least two (2) days, then machine wash. Remove and reshape on an upside down bowl and air dry only.  

Put in a zip lock bag with name on bag.

Female combo cover – The white part of the cover can be removed and should be washed in the same manner as the Dixie cover above.  

Females should buy a plastic shoe box and store their combo cover inside. This prevents the cover from being crushed and keeps it clean. Put name on plastic box. 

Dress blues – DRY CLEAN ONLY!!!

Dress whites – Machine washable – Use a pressing cloth when ironing on a medium setting or you will burn a hole in the uniform – they are polyester.
Sea and League Cadet Chevrons and Flashes

Uniform - Instructional Videos
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Current Listing of Ribbons for Sea and League Cadets
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It is an honor to be authorized to wear the uniform of 
The United States Navy

All Cadets will treat their uniforms with the upmost respect
Naval Sea Cadet Corps - John T. Dempster, Jr. Division

Naval Sea Cadet Corps - John T. Dempster, Jr. Division

  John T. Dempster, Jr. Division - Lawrenceville, NJ
The John T. Dempster, Jr. Division of the NSCC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Uniform Guides
Grooming Standards
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Select the "NSCC/NLCC Uniform Regulations" document.

See Chapter 2, Section 2 for Grooming Standards
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New Female Haircut Standards
As of 28 AUG 18
Physical Training Uniform (PTU)
New Required Uniform for PT as of 20 NOV 18