Sea Cadet / League Cadet 
Uniform Regulations
The link above opens the NSCC/NLCC Uniform Manual .

Select the "NSCC/NLCC Uniform Regulations" document

Each Cadet is responsible for correctly wearing the uniform

See Chapter 3, Page 69 for Sea Cadet Uniform Regulations

See Chapter 3, Page 108 for League Cadet Uniform Regulations

Sea and League Cadet Chevrons and Flashes

Uniform - Instructional Videos
Sea Cadet / League Cadet 
Current Listing of Ribbons for Sea and League Cadets
Access the Awards Manual on Homeport
It is an honor to be authorized to wear the uniform of 
The United States Navy

All Cadets will treat their uniforms with the utmost respect
Naval Sea Cadet Corps - John T. Dempster, Jr. Division

Naval Sea Cadet Corps - John T. Dempster, Jr. Division

  John T. Dempster, Jr. Division - Lawrenceville, NJ
The John T. Dempster, Jr. Division of the NSCC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Uniform Guides
Grooming Standards
The link above connects to the Chapter 2 Grooming Personal Appearance Standards.

Cadets will be sent home for a haircut if you are out of regulation.
Official Cleaning Guide
Supply Imformation

Physical Training Uniform (PTU)
New Required Uniform for PT as of 20 NOV 18
Navy Working Uniform
Type III
NWU Type III Flashes
NSCC / NLCC Rank and Rate Tabs
NWU Type III (Blouse, Parka, Black Fleece Liner)