The John T. Dempster, Jr. Division honors the legacy of a great man

CDR Dempster joined the navy as an enlisted sailor in 1937, and became an officer just prior to WWII.  This “mustang” served in the submarine force for many years and earned several battle stars and the Bronze Star. 

Previous to his retirement from the Navy in 1964, CDR Dempster had begun a unit of Sea Cadets at the Trenton Reserve Center in 1956, four years before the Sea Cadet organization became a nationally recognized chartered organization. The unit was originally named the USS Tinosa Division. The unit was renamed the Trenton Division, not for its location but for the USS Trenton. The Dempster unit is one of the oldest units in the country.  In fact, the John T. Dempster, Jr. Division (formally the Tinosa and Division and the Trenton Division) is a Plankowner of the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps.

A few months prior to his death in November of 2006, the officers of the Trenton Division were given permission by the National Sea Cadet Headquarters to change the unit name to the John T. Dempster, Jr. Division. They wanted to honor the man who had given so much of his life and energy to the unit and to the Sea Cadet Corps.  CDR Dempster taught his officers and cadets HONOR, INTEGRITY and COMMITMENT which are the core values of the Navy and every member of the John T. Dempster, Jr. Division. Our staff is experienced and committed to honor the legacy of CDR Dempster.

It is our hope and desire that our cadets will continue this legacy with us.  Currently, eighty-two percent of the graduates of the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps enter military service and are protecting us somewhere around the world right now. 

Our Founder's Story
CDR John T. Dempster, JR. USN
Trenton New Jersey Sea Cadets

1960 - Plankowner of the Naval Sea Cadet Corps
Naval Sea Cadet Corps - John T. Dempster, Jr. Division

Naval Sea Cadet Corps - John T. Dempster, Jr. Division

  John T. Dempster, Jr. Division - Lawrenceville, NJ
The John T. Dempster, Jr. Division of the NSCC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Division's Warrant - 01SEP60
United States Navy Sea Cadet Corps - Plankowner
USS Trenton (LPD-14) - Former Namesake
The Dempster Division was once known as the Trenton Division
Original Unit Name was the Tinosa Division 
Dempster Division History in Pictures
1968-69 Annual Report
The late 1960's were very challenging years for our Sea Cadet Division. The attached Annual Report documents the difficulties faced by CDR Dempster in keeping the unit alive.

We are all benefactors of his efforts to ensure that our Division is active, successful and making a difference in the lives of our Sea Cadets.

Bravo Zulu, CDR Dempster