2018 - 2019
Subject to Change

September 2018 -  8th - 9th

October 2018 -  13th - 14th

November 2018 -  17th - 18th

December 2018 -  15th - 16th

January 2019 -  5th - 6th

February 2019 -  2nd - 3rd

March 2019 -   2nd - 3rd ***

*** Annual Inspection, 100% Drill Attendance Required

April 2019 -   13th - 14th

May 2019 -  18th - 19th

June 2019 -  8th - 9th
Drill Dates

 For 2017 - 4th Most Outstanding Sea Cadet Unit in the Nation

Chairman's Award for Recruiting and Retention, Region 4, 3rd Award

Commanding Officer's Log
A Message from the Skipper:

The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps is a nonprofit organization that teaches young men and women teamwork, self-confidence, and leadership. The Sea Cadet Corps is for young men and women from ages 11-17 (Graduating High School Seniors).

The United States Naval Sea Cadets give our youth the chance to experience the Navy and Coast Guard way of life. In the recent months, the John T. Dempster Jr. Division stood for Annual inspection, were trained to become members of Teen CERT, trained aboard the Battleship New Jersey and be part of Fleet Week in New York. 

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David Sheets
Warrant Officer, NSCC
Commanding Officer
John T. Dempster, Jr. Division

  John T. Dempster, Jr. Division - Lawrenceville, NJ
The John T. Dempster, Jr. Division of the NSCC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization
Naval Sea Cadet Corps - John T. Dempster, Jr. Division

Naval Sea Cadet Corps - John T. Dempster, Jr. Division
NJ Vietnam War Memorial

Year in Review 2017-18

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